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New Anodising Plant

New Anodising Plant

AMS have gone back to the future after installing a state of the art fully automated architectural anodising plant at our Little Island site. Sitting on over 20 acres AMS have completed the project that we have been planning for over 7 years. This installation now gives us total control over all the processes required to give the service our customers desire.

Anodising has been around for almost 100 years, It is accepted by some as the most durable surface finish you can put on aluminium extrusion or sheet and where we have been trying to imitate it with anodic class 1 & class 2 powders over the past 20 years, the bronze or natural anodised finish we can now do will without doubt outlive anything we can apply with power coating and would be even better than class 3 powders we are regularly being ask for now. There is of course room for the two finishes in our industry and along with our wood finishes, we hope that anodising will complement our offering rather than replace what we have been doing very successfully for over 20 years.

We have now opened many other outlets for our extrusion and sheet metal customers, we have also entered new industries with new customers that we could not convert to powder, so we believe it is a win not only for us but for many of our growing customer base who rely on good service to win contracts not only in Ireland and the British Isles but much further afield.

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