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Aluminium Extrusion


AMS are an Extruder of aluminium profiles. We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art extrusion facilities so, as well as extruding our own profiles, we can offer design and extrusion of aluminium profiles, not only in the facade industry, but any industry where aluminium extrusions are being used. Imagine the flexibility of being able to have an extrusion that was previously not in stock, available the next day. 

Having the full control of the extrusion process inhouse allows us to extrude profiles of non-standard lengths to reduce optimised wastage for large contracts.



We can produce over 16,000 tonnes of extrusion per annum on our two Gia extrusion presses. Once the metal has been extruded the aluminium alloy is heat treated for strength. Once aging is complete it can then be made available to the customer, or indeed, go into another process within the same building e.g. Painting, decoral, thermal break or sheet metal fabrication.

We offer a range of alloys;

6060, 6063, 6101, 6082 and 6061

The extrusion plant has brought AMS into various new markets e.g. Aerospace, engineering, renewable energies, transportation to mention a few. It has also generated important export opportunities to many other markets in Europe including the UK and the USA.


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