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BIM Store

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BIMstore enables AMS in Building Information Modelling (BIM). This is the process for managing the information produced during a construction project, in a common format, from the earliest feasibility stage through design, construction, operation and finally demolition, in order to make the best and most efficient use of that information.

The benefits for our customer;

  • It benefits our customers by ensuring the consistent recording of naming data and documents that helps tracking and finding data for projects
  • It provides spatial representations for storing and changing information that records the location and attributes associated with each component
  • It acts as a method for exchanging information about all aspects of the projects including the building, construction, operation, performance and maintenance. 

The use of BIM can increase efficiency and reduce errors. Virtual designs are built in three dimensions before work proceeds on site; the attributes of all the elements of the building can be found in the model; and spatial ‘clashes’ can be identified and resolved in the model instead of on site.



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